Bullying: My Story

This has been on my top posts to write since forever, but fear held me back. Having recently read so many stories. of beautiful young children committing suicide, because of bullying, I thought it’s time to share mine. I was bullied from a young age; […]

Do I Really Need A Niche?

Recently I sent a Whatsapp message to my good friend crying ‘what’s my niche? Help! What am I doing’? I felt so overwhelmed with the thought of having to narrow down my niche(again), that it sent me crackers. As a wholistic health enthusiast one thing […]

Declutter Your Health

Have you ever woken up in the morning utterly exhausted? The baby kept you awake or you simply couldn’t switch off. You walk into your living room and see toys everywhere, the kitchen sink full of dishes and last nights meal still on the table. […]

The 5 Second Rule for Better Health

I’m an avid book reader. I have around 1,000 books in my library (some in Saudi and some in the U.K.). I love all sorts of books from health to personal development. Recently, I stumbled across this book called ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel […]

Health Benefits of Eating on the Floor

The floor isn’t just to be walked on; you can eat on it too. The Prophet sallahu alayhi wasallam once said; I do not eat whilst reclining (Sahih Al Bukhari, Hadith No 4979) With the advancement of technology, one would think that health would improve. […]

How negativity affects your health

On the authority of Abu Musa al-Ash’ari (radiAllahu anhu), the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam) said: The likeness of a righteous friend and an evil friend, is the likeness of a (musk) perfume seller and a blacksmith. As for the perfume seller, he may either bestow […]

Dealing with Post-Natal Depression

Giving birth to my beautiful baby boy was probably the most empowering experience I have ever endured. I slow labored for two days and then finally gave birth at 5.35pm, March 21st 2012. He weighed just 3.6kg and was the cutest thing ever. Holding him […]

My Journey To Islam

Have you ever wondered your purpose in life? What you’ve been put on this Earth to do? Why you’ve been created; just for fun, eat, sleep and then die? When I was young I had a feeling that something Higher was watching me, that I […]

Advice For A Healthy Marriage

Okay ladies, this post is for you. Before you start hissing and booing, and asking why not for the men, let me explain. I’ve been married for nearly seven years allahumma barik alaayki, and it has been a series of trials and tribulations. We separated […]

Ramadan Reflections

15 days have gone by and we’re already half way through Ramadan?! SubhanAllah! Time has seriously flown. I can still remember preparing suhoor on the first day, and panicking thinking I overslept. Unfortunately, I’m not able to fast due to being pregnant, but alhamdulilah I […]