Top 5 House Plants That Detox Your Home

Given that people spend around 90% of their time at home (unless your a traveler), then chances are you’re exposed to an array of chemicals. Furniture, paint and cleaning materials can emit a variety of toxic compounds such as formaldehyde. Indoor air pollution can also […]

Business 101: How to keep motivated

If you’re a procrastinator, chances are you feel like giving up every time you try to start on your business. It’s not your fault. It’s just the way your brain reacts to getting started. Trust me when I say; I know how you feel. I’ve […]

Things I’m learning from death

Two months ago I lost my best friend; my mom. It has been a painful journey of anger, regret, denial, sadness and unbearable pain. Regret, because I was thousands of miles away from her when she passed. Painful, because I wasn’t there to tell her […]

Top 5 essential oils for a healthier home

Had enough of poisoning your home with chemical cleaners? I know it can be daunting switching to making your own products. Especially when you’re so used to grabbing a bottle of bleach. Combining essential oils with apple cider vinegar, baking soda or castille soap are […]

Stress and how it affects your health

Stress, worry, tension, panic, mental exhaustion, anger, rumination, sadness, anxiety, fear, burnout. When felt intensively or often, then you’re subject to ‘psychological stress’. But, how many ways can psychological stress damage your health? You may be shocked. In fact, you will be if you keep […]

You don’t need a new year, for a brand new start

So you counted down the seconds to January 1st 2017. You have a list ready of all the new amazing things that you’re planning to do this year. You’re excited, motivated, thrilled and just overjoyed that you’re starting the year with so much enthusiasm. The […]

Tips on growing long healthy hair

All my life I’ve had thick hair allahumma barik alaayki (May Allah bless it). When I was 6 years old, I caught lice and my mom put a cereal bowl on my head and cut around it. I subsequently wore a cap for a few […]

Positive affirmations – Why they don’t always work

So you’re sat at home in your PJ’s, snacking on a tub of ice cream whilst watching garbage on the TV. You feel inadequate, unsuccessful, unlovable –  basically like nothing. You feel so unmotivated, that you just cannot be bothered to change the channel. Your […]

Top 5 pregnancy signs

If you’re like me and can’t wait for that big + on a pregnancy test, then here are my top 5 signs. (Please note that every woman is different. Not everyone has a symptom/sign. Some women don’t even know they’re pregnant until they go into […]

Health in your hands

Hands are fascinating tools. We use them for just about everything. So what if I told you that they’re also great for eating? Nowadays, eating with cutlery is deemed as modern and civilized, whilst eating with your hands is viewed as a South Asian thing, […]