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Helping you take control of your mind, body and soul with natural remedies in light of the Qu’ran and Sunnah.


About Me

About Me

Welcome to my website. If you love natural remedies, healthy living and wellness, in light of Qu’ran and sunnah, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Rosalean and I am a Muslim, wife and mother to three beautiful children allahumma barik lahuma (May Allah bless them aameen).

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Our Services

360 Detox

It's 360 because health includes the mind and soul. So for 3 months I'll be coaching you by;

- diving into your inner child,

- understanding your relationships

- creating simple meal plans,

- providing unlimited support

- help you stay mindful of your thoughts.

and so much more.

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Weight loss

If you're having difficulty losing weight then I'm here for you.

I don't just look at what you eat, but WHY you eat.

I create meal plans, provide unlimited support and counselling to help cater for your needs.

Book your FREE 30 min call today.

Addiction Therapy

Whether you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex; I understand what you're going through.

My non-judgmental approach focuses on healing you holistically using CBT and ACT.

My framework will not only help you overcome your addictions(s), but will have you feeling whole again.

Book your FREE non-judgmental call with me today.

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Naturelo Women’s Multivit
Organic Ashwaghanda Powder

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