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Business 101: How to keep motivated

If you’re a procrastinator, chances are you feel like giving up every time you try to start on your business.

It’s not your fault. It’s just the way your brain reacts to getting started.

Trust me when I say; I know how you feel. I’ve had so many ideas, stayed up all night researching just to find myself not interested by the end of week. It was a sad state of affairs.

Don’t worry I’m not going to teach you how to write goals (like all the other blogs out there). My aim is to share what works for me. Hopefully it will work for you too.


Vision Board

A dear friend of mine (you know who you are), got me hooked on vision boards. It’s kinda like a piece of art hanging on your wall. Only it has cut out pictures of all your dreams, hopes and desires.

You can cut pictures from magazines, newspapers, whatever you like. It doesn’t have to be pictures either. You can cut titles, words and letters. Something like this;

Source: www.lifecoach2women.com

The point of the board is to get your intentions in order; why are you doing what you do? You can have a picture of the Maldives and your intention is to be so self sufficient, that you can travel around the world.

It’s best to keep this board hanging where you work. Wherever that is, make sure it’s in sight because every time you sit down to work on your business, it will motivate you to keep going.

As an EX-procrastinator, this really helped when I had the ‘business-blues’; when I felt like a failure and when it felt like everyone around me had their life and business in order. Which takes me to my next point.

Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Just STOP!

It’s so easy to scroll through hundreds of entrepreneur websites, admiring the intellect and success of the individual. But let me tell you; their journey is COMPLETELY different to yours.

You don’t know how that person started his/her business, why he/she started and most importantly, what resources that person had to get started. I’m not saying you can’t admire that person’s success, but comparing them to your business is not the way forward.

I love this saying;

Stop comparing your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 30; you’re just setting yourself up to fail.

Again, trust me when I say this. Looking at what others are doing, will not help your business. It will just leave you feeling like crap, and worse, giving up on your dreams. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve scrolled through other nutritionist businesses and have had a minor heart attack every time.

It only left me feeling disheartened and demotivated. So stop looking at others and look at what you have within yourself. Believe me, you have something to offer.

Organise, organise and organise some more

When I set up Umm Natural, I started selling pure black seed oil on Ebay. This gave me some insight into what I really wanted to do.

But the one thing that got in the way was my lack of organisational skills. It was appalling. I had orders coming in but no overheads, spreadsheets, data entries, loss and profit margins; nothing. I was just selling on a whim and it really affected how I felt about running a business.

Fast forward to 2 years later, I now keep all my business objectives in one book. I have a spreadsheet with all my client’s information and I also keep nutritional assessments secured under one file. My laptop and folders are labelled and in order and it feels so good.

As I’m not selling products (at the moment, but will be soon so watch this space), my ‘business objective’ book contains where I need my business to be in 6 months time.

I also use it for blog post ideas. I write the topic, do some research and get to work.

Now some of you maybe thinking why I don’t keep an editorial calendar for my blog posts. Well, as I tend to have a short attention span (my mother said it’s because I’m super talented), whenever I feel like quitting, I look back at my ideas and BOOM it gets me motivated again.

Kinda like the vision board.

Also keeping your work space neat and tidy helps keep your brain in focus. There’s no point having clutter around you, it will just feed your brain to do the same. So keep your work space, separate to your living space. Take note peeps!


When you have someone to push you towards fulfilling your dreams; it really does motivate you to finish what you started.

My dear husband set me a challenge; to write at least 10 ideas every day that will help my business prosper. If I missed one day then I have to pay him £2, and he will spend that on something I hate.

So far I’ve paid him £10, and it killed me!

Another thing that goes towards accountability is being around people who motivate you to do better.

I love this quote;

If you’re surrounded by broke people, chances are, you’ll be the same

Now what I infer from this quote isn’t money (being broke), but being broke mentally, physically and spiritually. But if you’re around people who are rich in personality, dreams and spirit; there is a 100% chance you’ll be the same.

By holding yourself accountable to the company you keep, it really does change your perspective on your life and business.

Fake it like you’ve made it

I know you’re gasping in shock and horror. Fake it? How can I fake success?

Simple. Act like you’ve already made it. You see that figure you have written down on paper, on how much you want your business to make in a year. Yeah, imagine you’ve already that money and add tax to it.

When I studied NLP, my trainer explained the problem with goals; our subconscious secretly records them as unfinished business. So instead of saying ‘I want to be a millionaire’ or ‘I want to start a naturopath business’,  say this instead ‘I AM a millionaire’, ‘I’ve started my naturopath business and its so successful’.

Language is very important; instead of speaking in the future tense (I will, I want etc) speak in the present tense (I am, have etc).

Just dua it

I remember feeling so frustrated every time I hit a brick wall with my business. When I lost money, made a mistake or just couldn’t get the idea right; it all took a toll on my motivation.

And then one day someone sent me a video about rizq (wealth, success etc). The scholar explains that Allah has written everything for you. From every dime you earn to everything you possess; it is written. Nobody can change that, other than Allah.

I made so much dua; to place so much blessing in what I’ve been given, so that I can do more with it. I make this dua every time I start on anything related to my work and I always end up completing my tasks and feeling fulfilled.

Another dua I like to make is asking Allah to make me a benefit to the Ummah. I don’t do what I love for money; I do it out of the love of helping people and making someone else’s life better.

The key to your success is in Allah’s Hands. Just remember that.


There you go folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on keeping motivated. How do you keep your business going? Comment below.

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  • Reply
    Dawn Hinson
    August 6, 2017 at 3:21 am

    I love this post sister. Jazakillah khayran…
    It nailed everything I believe.From STOP looking at what others.are doing, to Accountability, and most definately the organisation.

    And lets not forget dua. Dua for Allah swt to put blessings in what we do. Be blessed.sis. much love and duas to you. Dawn-Sabeeha xxx

    • Reply
      Umm Natural
      August 6, 2017 at 12:50 pm

      Waiyyaki habibti! Yes it’s so true, we can fall off our own talents by looking at everyone else. If we keep doing that then we’ll always go backwards. And I definitely believe in accountability and organization it really helps you focus. May Allah keep us all steadfast Aameen ?❤️

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