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Cold sore? Try these natural remedies

Guys last week I woke up with a huge lip and wanted to crawl under a rock. Not only was it painful, but it was right there on my top lip, for everyone to see. Work had been stressful recently, so I know that could have triggered it.

Cold sores are caused by the virus called herpes simplex 1. Once you have it, that’s it. You’re stuck with them for life. Some lie dormant for years and then make a mysterious reappearance. Others are triggered by stress or may appear during a cold. So if you can feel your lip tingling here are a few remedies that have been tried and tested (by yours truly).

Copaiba oil

I absolutely love this oil! It has some amazing astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Copaiba oil comes from the copaifera tree that’s found in the Amazon. The sap is extracted and then steam distilled.  It has been used for centuries by indigenous people to treat many ailments like injuries to aiding digestion. It’s rich in beta caryophyllene, which is found in clove oil. Yet copaiba is 6-8 times stronger than clove oil.

One thing I love about copaiba, is that it doesn’t sting when applying to an open wound and reduces inflammation. Normally the night before I get a cold sore, I’d feel my lip tingling. But this time nothing. So I applied some copaiba oil straight away and within an hour the swelling had reduced. I did this four times a day until the area felt numb and my lip looked somewhat normal again.

Copaiba oil has been proven to have the same medicinal effects as marijuana, yet without the side effects like hallucinations. It can also be ingested for a quick body detox. Honestly, this is probably my No. 1 go to oil for most ailments.

Lysine supplements

The thing about cold sores is that they love arginine (protein) and lysine stops arginine production. So taking a good lysine supplement, helped reduced the inflammation around my cold sore. I took the strongest dose possible because I had 80 students to teach the next day! And I was overly conscious about this humongous beast of a cold sore, on my lip.

I noticed that the cold sore didn’t ooze pus, like it usually would during an outbreak. And I think this is because I took lysine. I would also like to note, that I had not taken lysine supplements for a while, but there has been ongoing research to show, that taking them on a regular basis, stops cold sores once an for all.

Aloe vera

I can’t live without this stuff. I use it on literally everything. It’s in all my home made products and at times even in my hair. So when I had this huge cold sore on my lip, I made sure to rub some aloe vera gel to the area. I did this every night before I went to bed. Why? Because your body repairs itself while you sleep and also loses water. So it only made sense to keep the area well hydrated and moisturised and aloe vera gel is perfect for that. If my lip felt really dry during the day I continued to apply until it loosened up.


Vitamin D

When I started getting cold sores around the age of 15, I was told to stay out of the sun and I could never understand why? As far as I was aware, like plants, we need the sun in order for our bodies to function properly. Studies have shown that our DNA actually emit light. Man is essentially a being of light.

So everyday I just made sure I bathed in the sun for at least 10 minutes. If you can’t do that then I suggest taking a good Vitamin D supplement, like this one.


Black castor oil

Finally, my main moisturiser was black castor oil. As my cold sore was quite big, and dried up my top and bottom lip, applying this oil really worked. Normally, my lips bleed as the cold sore is healing. But by applying castor oil every day, I didn’t struggle with cracked lips.


And that’s it. It took 4 days for the cold sore to completely heal. If I hadn’t used any of these oils, it would probably have taken twice as long, if not longer.


Have you had a cold sore recently? What natural remedies did you use? Feel free to comment.

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JazakAllah khayrun (May Allah bless you) for reading guys



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